Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Havelock Island

Ryan and Noah go to Havelock Island

First they stayed in bungalows at Beach #5

Havelock Radha Nagar (Beach #7) was said by Time mag
to be the most beautiful beach in Asia.

There are elephants in the forest behind the beach

Noah releases his pet Little Andamanese hermit crab

Goodbye you little jerk

The lagoon at #7

A hut at beach #7 will set you back $2 a night.

The evening scene

Later, Noah and Ryan stayed on opposite
sides of the island, visiting each other by motorcycle

The commute was pleasant

The sun goes down on #7

Eeeeeee, sunset

So many Israelis, Revi and Elan

Hermit crabs on #7, 2am

Drunk Bengalis bury each other, Lia is an aggressive paparazza,
and for some reason that one guy is wearing Noah's bedsheet like a skirt

Ryan and Noah regret not taking their camera to the village #3 Mela (festival). Suffice to say they ate lots of weird sweets and won prizes including purple sunglasses, a lice comb, two tounge-scrapers (not pictured). They were also wowed by the village #3 dance troupe's interpretations of the latest Bollywood hits


Not so much

Ryan goes back to Port Blair to try to find a way to more waves

Long bus ride, but no way to get to Cinque Island, where
there is supposed to be surf

Ryan makes a friend

Betel nut is a filthy habit

Maurice and Emerique draw a crowd with chess on the
boat from Havelock to Port Blair

Bad cow eats the merchandise, the grocer is helpless, Port Blair

Back to Chennai aboard the Nancowry

Bunk class, day 2, 5am. This baby punched Noah in the face

Early morning staring children

Michael sleeps through the long ride while Oren and friend
busy themselves with projects

Goodbye Chennai. Goodbye India.


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